As always, thanks so much for your help. Truly, between the relative ease of the system, the customer service you personally provide and the affordability of the service, A D Computer [JetPay HR and Payroll] has lived up to it's promises - and more. I can't imagine using any other payroll service.

ANDREW STANTEN - President - Altitude Marketing

What other clients are saying about our services...

I want to personally thank you for your exceptional customer service in handling our account. As you know we have been a long time customer of A D Computer [JetPay HR and Payroll] and have been extremely satisfied with the level of service that you and your group (inside customer service) has provided us. I also want to compliment your driver for taking such good care of our account and always delivering our payroll on time, even in the worst weather. It would be very hard for another payroll company to take your business away.

RICK PRINCIPATO - President and CEO - Tower Products, Inc

Thanks to A D Computer [JetPay HR and Payrol] we were able to once again provide W2's to our employees early in January. Our employees are always amazed at how early they receive their W2 form - while their spouse doesn't receive the one from his/her employer until close to the end of January. We tell them that maybe their spouse's employer should use A D Computer [JetPay HR and Payroll]!

DWIGHT EDRIS - Offset Impressions, Inc.